Civic Center CBD to Bring Back Nighttime Greeter Position in Plaza

Starting tonight. September 22, the Civic Center CBD will be reinstating the Civic Center greeter position, an ambassador especially assigned to work in the elevator vestibule area for the parking garage in Civic Center Plaza. The hours of service will be Tuesday through Saturday nights, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Over the past year, the arts organizations have received complaints from patrons saying they feel unsafe when they walk back to their cars at night because of the lack of other people in the area. The CBD believes that this is impacting people’s willingness to park in the garage and it impacts traffic flow, congestion and pedestrian safety on busy nights as people circle the blocks looking for parking.

The service proved to be very popular with arts patrons, and people who m,ay work late and park in the Civic Center Garage. Learn more about the CBD’s safety and cleaning services.