From KALW: The haves and have-nots of San Francisco's mid-Market district


The mid-Market district of San Francisco is undergoing tremendous change. Construction cranes literally cast shadows over the businesses and charities serving long-time residents of the neighborhood. This is an area filled with supported housing and Single Room Occupancy hotels. Homeless people and panhandlers traverse the wide sidewalks.

One of the food pantries that serves them is run by The Quaker Meeting House. It’s on 9th Street, just south of Market, and has been around for nearly 20 years. To date, Twitter has run its global operations around the corner for about half-a-year. Which means these two entities with similar sounding names and strikingly different purposes are unlikely neighbors.

In this story produced by KALW’s RJ Sloan, Ben Trefny takes us behind the scenes of the haves and have-nots in San Francisco’s mid-Market district. Trefny spoke with Twitter’s Karen Wickre along the way.

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