Take the Muni Train Survey

muniTake this once-in-a-generation opportunity to provide input on interior features like seating preferences, interior color schemes and layout, to guide our design decisions. Make your Muni experience more comfortable by providing your input on these design treatments.

Modernizing our fleet will mean a cleaner, quieter, more comfortable ride, and less vehicle downtime for repairs. The new cars will have more reliable passenger doors, better visibility from the operator cab, and an enhanced braking system. They’ll also require less maintenance so that we can dedicate more time to providing quality service. And there will be more of them. With the 175 new trains that will start arriving in 2016, Muni will more than double its fleet of light rail vehicles.

Learn more and see trains like ours in action!

Please spread the word about this exciting opportunity to share your preferences for these new Muni Metro train cars! The more feedback we get, the better we can design new train cars that will fit customers’ needs.

SFMTA staff will also be conducting in-person surveys along our Muni Metro lines in the coming days. In addition to the online survey, folks can call 311 and take the survey over the phone.

Thank you for your participation!