New Civic Center Banners Installed

The Civic Center CBD’s staff and marketing committee have been working with Rob Duncan of the local design firm, Dowling | Duncan, to create a new logo and identity for the Civic Center CBD and neighborhood.

If you conduct a search for the SF Civic Center, you will find maps that show an outline of the neighborhood, as is shown in the image at left. Duncan then uses that shape as a mark, one that is organic to the neighborhood, in our logo. This logo can be used in several ways, giving the CBD many options for future projects.

The mark has been used on the new street pole banners produced thanks to the generosity of AAA Flag and Banner and Another Planet Entertainment.

With offices in both the UK and the US, multidisciplinary design studio Dowling | Duncan offers a collective experience of over 30 years in the industry. Their aim is to deliver appropriate and engaging work, solving problems with intelligent ideas whilst exploring the possibilities of creativity and craft.

The Civic Center CBD appreciates the great work that Dowling | Duncan, AAA Flag and Banner, and Another Planet Entertainment have donated to us, and we hope you like the new banners.

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Banners on poles near City Hall

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Artwork by Dowling | Duncan


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