Civic Center CBD Publishes 2013 Annual Report

The board and staff of the Civic Center Community Benefit District (CCCBD) are pleased to present our second Annual Report, covering the our activities from July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013. Download Report.

The CCCBD started its second year of operations with a goal to build on our strengths from the first year, improve and evaluate existing programs, and embark in new programming areas set out in the management plan.

In our second year, the CBD has seen a sharp increase in the number of requests coming into the CBD Dispatch Center for cleaning, graffiti and removal of illegally dumped items as the public has become more aware of the CBD. For the daily schedule of services, please click on Services.

The Civic Center Community Benefit District creates and manages Programs that best respond to the top priorities of the Civic Center CBD stakeholders.

Special Thanks!

The Civic Center CBD would like to thank the following for their support of the CBD and its programs:

  • MJM Management – Services for the CCCBD
  • Emerald Fund, Shorenstein Realty Services, and Another Planet Entertainment – Staff space for ambassadors and clean team
  • AAA Flag and Banner – Donated banners and installation in Civic Center area

The Civic Center Community Benefit District (CBD) is a special assessment district conceived and organized by a group of concerned Civic Center property owners, arts organizations, government entities, and other stakeholders. The goal of the CBD is to improve coordination and communication around the management, image, safety, beautification and cleanliness of the greater Civic Center area for the benefit of patrons, residents, employees, merchants, property owners and other visitors within the district.

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