CBD Survey Asks for Lunchtime Concerts in Civic Center Plaza

Last Month, the Civic Center Community Benefit District (CBD) sent out a survey to everybody through email and social media asking people to take a short two-question survey.

The survey asked what types of activities would people like to see happen in the Civic Center Plaza to activate the space. The second question asked people to tell us their affiliation with Civic Center, such as are you a resident, an employee, a business owner and/or an art patron.

The responses were very clear, 90% of the respondents endorsed the idea of having lunchtime concerts in the Plaza, and 80% endorsed the idea of after-work social events. These top two also showed strong opinions, in that they had the lowest number of responses that checked  “No Opinion.”

In terms of the mix of people who responded to the survey, it was evenly split three ways among the employee, arts patron and resident categories.

The CBD board will discuss the survey results at its March 26 board meeting.


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