Ballots Out for 2016 Election for CBD Board

Ballots are in the mail now to every parcel owner in the Civic Center Community Benefit District (CCCBD) for the 2016 election for the board of directors. Each property owner, commercial or residential, should get a ballot and have the chance to vote for the new slate of member/representatives being proposed.

According to the bylaws of the CCCBD (Article 5, Section 3: Criteria): The Board shall be structured to represent the various interests of the Civic Center area. The fifteen (15) Directors shall represent segments of the area as follows:

  • Ten (10) Directors representing Property Owners (no more than half can be publicly-owned)
  • Three (3) Directors representing Tenants
  • Two (2) Directors representing the Community/At-Large

Official ballots were mailed to the property owners that are part of the district with a deadline to return ballots to the CCCBD office by Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Help, I did not receive my ballot.
If you have not received your ballot, a copy of the uniquely numbered ballot can be emailed to you. Call (415) 658-7979, or email

The newly elected and returning board members will be installed at the CCCBD’s Annual Meeting and Civic Star Awards on June 23, 2016, at 9:00 am. The location is still being determined.

Official Slate for 2016 Board Election by Category

(Slate of Proposed Nominees for 2016 – terms are July 2016 – June 2020*)

Category: Property Owners/Private (2)

Nathan Brito

San Francisco Ballet

William Whitfield

Shorenstein Realty Services

Category: Property Owners/Public (1)

Roberto Lombardi

San Francisco Public Library

Category: Tenants (1)

Mary Conde

Another Planet Entertainment/Bill Graham Civic

Category: Tenants (1)

Janan New

San Francisco Apartment Association

Category: Community/At-large (2)

James Haas

Resident/Neighborhood Advocate

Patricia Unterman

Hayes Street Grill

Returning Board Members

(terms last until June 30, 2018)

Category: Property Owners/Private (3)

Anthony Boas

San Francisco Honda

Susan McConkey

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Tim Vrabel

Emerald Fund

Category: Tenants (1)

Ruth Nott

San Francisco Opera

Category: Property Owners/Public (4)

Sarah Madland

Recreation and Parks Department

Jennifer Norris

War Memorial & Performing Arts Center

Annette Turner

State of California

John Updike

San Francisco Real Estate

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