Civic Center CBD Celebrates Four Years of Service

The Civic Center Community Benefit District (CCCBD) celebrated four years of providing community service on February 1, 2016. These services were the culmination of many years of planning to create the CCCBD, and the many community members who volunteered countless hours to achieve this goal.

The CBD also announced they had negotiated a new contract with MJMMG, the service provider they have used since 2012.

“After an open RFQ process, in which we got proposals from two companies, the services sub-committee was very happy to recommend to the board of directors that we continue with MJMMG,” said Civic Center CBD Executive Director Donald Savoie. “We are very happy with their staff and the care they show the Civic Center.”

Below is a list of the services provide and how to get more information on them. For a calendar of services, please click here.

For services, please call the CCCBD Dispatch: 415.781.4700 or send email to

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