Civic Center CBD Releases 2014-2015 Annual Report

The Civic Center Community Benefit District (CBD) started its fourth year of operations with several safety and cleaning programs solidly in place as the neighborhood continues to transform. This report summarizes those activities. Download Report.

Neighborhood in Transition

The Civic Center CBD’s board members and executive director continue to work in partnership with private developers and City Departments as the Civic Center neighborhood experiences historic growth and changes over the next five years. Some of those changes will include:

  • New residential buildings housing thousands;
  • New state-of-the art playgrounds in Civic Center Plaza;
  • San Francisco School District to build new School for the Arts on Van Ness;
  • Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit to transform the boulevard;
  • Civic Center Public Realm Plan to steer growth and renovation of public spaces.

The CCCBD creates and manages Programs that best respond to the top priorities of the Civic Center CBD stakeholders. Each program is managed by one of the CBD’s committees.

The Civic Center CBD partners with many organizations, both public and private, to work on various issues affecting the residents, property owners, employees and arts patrons in the Civic Center area.

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