From SF Eater: Look Around Cala, Bringing Seafood-Focused Mexican to Mid-Market

Mexico City chef Gabriela Cámara has her stateside debut.

by Stefanie Tuder, photos by Patricia Chang

San Francisco’s about to get a major dose of Mexico, as Gabriela Cámara’s seafood-focused Cala is hitting Mid-Market as early as Monday. The highly anticipated project from the Mexico City-native, who also owns the successful Contramar and Merotoro in her hometown, focuses exclusively on fish on the dinner menu, through a mainly Mexican lens, but with Italian and Spanish inflections as well. There will be plenty of ceviches, black cod and a mussels tamale, a dish that Cámara is especially excited about. What you won’t find are burritos. “In California everyone has their idea of what Mexican food is, so it’s a challenge to work against that,” Cámara told Eater. “Everybody asks, ‘Are you going to have burritos?’ No. We hope to expand on what people have tasted of Mexican food.”

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149 Fell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 660-7701

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