Have you Met our Civic Center Greeter?

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Our greeter, Stephan, is one of our uniformed night time ambassadors who is stationed in the elevator lobby of the parking garage in Civic Center Plaza.  He is there every Tuesday night through Saturday night,  6 PM to 11 PM. if you have not seen him yet, you will soon hopefully, since he is continuing in his assignment and will be there throughout the spring.

The CBD started this experiment last summer, working in partnership with MJM Management, staff from Recreation and Parks, SFMTA, and parking vendor ImPark, to see if we could impact safety, both real and perceived. 

The  goal was simple, could we encourage more people to park in the Civic Center Garage by making it more friendly and welcoming to patrons. Not only when they come into the garage to go to dinner or to see a show at 6:00 or 7:00, but also when they are leaving their show at 10:00 and walking back to the garage. At that time, the walk can seem long. 

We have found that people have responded so well to Stephan, who is there to call an elevator for them, hold the door, and hopefully make sure the end of the evening is as pleasant as the beginning. 

All our service descriptions and a daily schedule of when they are in operations can be found on our website here: https://sfciviccenter.org/services.

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