Civic Center CBD and Epicenter Arts Calendar Seeking Coordinator

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Online Neighborhood Event Calendar Coordinator – part-time contract position (download job description)

Reports to:

Civic Center Community Benefit District

Works with:

Central Market Community Benefit District
North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District
Mayors’ Office of Economic and Workforce Development
San Francisco Arts Commission


Three neighborhood benefit corporations and two city of San Francisco agencies collaborated in the development of an online event calendar ( that serves three major adjoining neighborhoods within San Francisco. The online calendar serves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anyone interested in learning about what events, meetings and special promotions are occurring in the region specified, and should reduce the duplication of effort separate organizations and agencies are undergoing to update and maintain their own calendars. The Event Calendar Coordinator should be tech savvy, possess keen communication and problem solving skills and have interest in promoting and supporting the region served. In addition to these skills, the Event Calendar Coordinator should be a self-starter while also being able to follow directions from multiple sources and guidance as necessary.

Job tasks:

  • Learn and become an expert on the calendar’s administrative functionality
  • Communicate and inform regional organizations on how to utilize the calendar
  • Review all calendar submission data for appropriateness and adherence to submission guidelines
  • Act as the lead calendar administrator to approve and or disqualify calendar submissions and communicate with parties to ensure correct and timely submissions
  • Liaison with founding organization contacts to coordinate outreach and publicity to regional organizations about the online calendar as a service
  • Implement and manage outreach and publicity efforts as assigned
  • Provide feedback about calendar’s functionality and development with founding organization contacts to help guide its success
  • This is a part-time contractor position for 10 hours weekly@ $20 per hour

To apply:
Please send resumes and cover letters via email to:

Don Savoie
Civic Center Community Benefit District
234 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 1
San Francisco, CA 94102

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