Civic Center Community Benefit District Expands Services to Seven Days

After a successful launch in February of the Community Service Ambassadors (CSAs), the Civic Center Community Benefit District (CBD) has expanded its service from five days a week to seven days a week beginning July 16, 2012. Prior to this, the CSA service was provided Tuesday through Saturday during daytime hours, 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

The team of Community Service Ambassadors (CSAs) assist the public with information and direct them to destinations within the area, made possible by training on local geography, area venues and businesses, transportation systems, and other useful information. The CSAs are goodwill ambassadors who assist the public in navigating the district with a welcoming and informed presence.

They also play a vital role in promoting the Civic Center area as safe and friendly. They are easily visible and identifiable by their orange and gray uniforms, and their presence is a deterrent to misdemeanor crime.

The Civic Center CBD also has CSAs that work for approximately 200 evenings per year, based on the schedule of events and performances that occur in the neighborhood. The CSAs walk throughout the central area of the District near arts venues to enhance the pedestrian experience. For the daily schedule of services, please visit Services.

About the Civic Center Community Benefit District

The goal of the Civic Center CBD is to improve coordination and communication around the management, image, safety, beautification and cleanliness of the greater Civic Center area for the benefit of patrons, residents, employees, merchants, property owners and other visitors within the district.

For more information about the Civic Center CBD, please visit our website. To request services, please call the CCCBD Dispatch number at 415.781.4700 or send email to

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