Traffic Advisory: Film Crews Near City Hall Will Impact Access Friday Night

On Friday, April 29, a film crew will set up in Civic Center and use City Hall as a backdrop. There will be street restrictions and closures. People can still walk to and from MUNI and BART stations.

Starting at 7:00pm the crew will be prepping the area in front of City Hall for a recreation of a riot that took place at City Hall in the 1970s. For this scene, they will have large smoke effects in the street, a few hundred background actors that will be in the middle of the street rushing up to the steps of City Hall, period police officer actors that clash with the rioters, and real SFPD at the ends of our street closures for traffic safety. For those unaware this is a film set, this may look like something real is happening at City Hall and that streets are completely shut down. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

The CBD would like to make sure area ticket holders know they can use the sidewalks, and that if they are parked at the Civic Center Garage, they can get to their car and get out of the garage. They will be directed to use Larkin Street to get in and out of the garage. Main street closures will start at 8:00pm.

When they begin filming, while cameras is rolling, they may hold pedestrians so that they don’t walk through the shot, but as soon as the camera cuts, they will let them through. These holds may last up to 4 or 5 minutes.

Questions: Contact the San Francisco Film Commission at: (415) 554-6241.

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