Sunset Strip Business Improvement District


The Sunset Strip Business Improvement District was created as a mitigation measure to deal with complaints from neighbors. What began as voluntary, is now an assessment district that improves the business and neighboring residential environment on Sunset Blvd. through: security, street maintenance, public outreach, and marketing.

The Sunset Strip Business Improvement District supplies security forces to the Boulevard seven nights per week. These officers patrol the Boulevard on foot, on bicycles, and via marked patrol car. The officers work closely both with the private security forces of member businesses and with law enforcement from the West Hollywood station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in providing a cooperative force of personnel all dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for area residents and visitors to Sunset Boulevard.

An integral part to the success of the Business Improvement District is input from the community. The Sunset Strip Business Improvement District continues to periodically communicate through letter mailing campaigns to approximately 3500 Sunset Boulevard-area residents. The Sunset Strip BID encourages residents of the area to become involved in the ongoing operations of the District by contacting the Sunset BID offices directly, attending Board of Directors meetings, or attending periodic neighborhood meetings sponsored by the Sunset BID.