Special Rates in Effect for Performing Arts and Civic Center Garages

In an attempt to create a critical mass of patrons using Civic Center as their preferred garage, SFMTA and its parking garage partner at Performing Arts & Civic Center Garages, Pacific Parking, are again offering special parking fees at the two garages on ten (10) nights in December 2014. These nights were identified as having numerous performances at SFJAZZ, Nourse Auditorium, Davies Symphony Hall and/or the Opera House, but not one at Bill Graham Civic.

Special Event Parking Rates:

    • $5 Civic Center Garage
    • $20 Performing Arts Garage
    • Dates these adjusted rates will be in effect:

    December 13 – Day and – Night
    December 14 – Day and Night
    December 15 – Night
    December 16 – Night

    December 18 – Night
    December 19  – Night
    December 20 – Day and – Night
    December 21 – Day and Night
    December 22  – Night
    December 23  – Night

    • Special Event Rates typically begin 5:00 pm on weekdays and 11:00 am on weekends.
    • Rates for pre-paid parking is unaffected by this experiment.

    This experiment is part of an ongoing collaboration between the CBD and staff at SFMTA. The CBD would also want to take a moment to extend our appreciation to Amit Kothari and Rob Malone from SFMTA and Francisco Lira from Pacific Parking for their willingness to help improve the conditions at Civic Center garage and for working to find solutions that better satisfy our patrons.