Civic Center CBD to Partner with Central Market CBD on New Safety Program

The Civic Center Community Benefit District (CCCBD) is partnering with the Central Market Community Benefit District (CMCBD) to provide additional policing within the boundaries of the CBDs by engaging 10B officers. 10B officers are regular, off-duty SFPD officers, hired by the CBDs to work specific shifts in their district. The name stems from City Administrative Code Section 10B, which allows the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) to provide these services.

Beginning in March, 10B officers will work with the the CCCBD Ambassadors and the CMCBD Community Guides to primarily address quality of life issues within the neighborhood and within the purview of SFPD, such as issuing citations for drinking, trespassing, permit violations, littering, and pedestrian safety infractions.

This past holiday season, the two CBDs initiated a pilot program for the months of November and December to augment their other other safety services. The pilot program made a noticeable difference and supported the ongoing safety efforts of the CBDs’ staffs.

The safety of people who live, work and visit the neighborhood is a top priority. We are making an substantial investment with this new program because we believe in its effectiveness.Donald Savoie, Executive Director of the Civic Center CBD

These officers are funded by the Civic Center CBD and Central Market CBD as part of their respective safety budgets. For more information, contact Don Savoie in Civic Center at (415) 658-7979, or Tracy Everwine in Central Market at (415) 957-5985.

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