Sound Commons Living Innovation Zone Coming from the Exploratorium

A sliver of the Exploratorium Science Museum is coming to United Nations Plaza for two years in an effort to transform and enliven one of San Francisco’s most challenging public spaces. Join us on June 14 from 11am-12pm at United Nations Plaza for the Sound Commons Living Innovation Zone (LIZ) installation ribbon cutting event. More event specifics to come.

sound-commons-liz2Sound Commons is an interactive, sound-based installation designed by the Exploratorium’s Studio for Public Spaces in partnership with the Living Innovation Zone Program, a  program launched by the San Francisco Planning Department and Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation.

The installation itself winds throughout the trees lining the main pedestrian thoroughfare in the plaza and consists of wooden boardwalks that are punctuated with dynamic and durable ‘sonic phenomena,’ such as mammoth chimes, xylophones, echo tubes and massive wooden pendulums. There will be dedicated stewards/’docents’ overseeing the LIZ on-site, 7 days a week, and Tivoli lights will remain installed in the tree canopy for the duration of the installation.

Living Innovation Zones (LIZ) projects seek to make City assets available for dynamic, community-based installations that activate public spaces and simultaneously inform long-term planning efforts. 

More on the LIZ program at

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